I am an artist living and working in Northern Ireland. Graduating from the University of Ulster, Belfast with a BA Honours in Fine and Applied Art in 2005, I have since gone on to complete a PGCE and presently teach in a Grammar School in Belfast. 

Predominantly I am a textile artist and use a variety of fabrics, I am naturally a collector and often recycle and hand dye the fabrics I have collected.  Hand dying, applique, surface texture and embroidery are the techniques I employ.  Much of ‘who we are’ comes from where we live and Irish linen is quite often a fabric of choice and brings a connection to my local heritage. I am interested in Memory and my work often reflects how we remember certain places and experiences. My hand dyed fabrics demonstrate a range of traditional and contemporary textile techniques, the pieces often have a painterly feel to them and can be decorative or sculptural. Colour is important and I like to amplify and re-invent it, just like a memory. To me the context is very real but the content and the image is often open to the viewer’s interpretation.

Recently I have become interested in clay and its natural qualities and have started to develop a new and exciting body of work in this media.