I graduated from the University of Ulster with a BA (Hon's) in Fine and Applied Arts in 1998 and again in 2000 with a Master of Fine Art. I have a background in traditional sculpture and developed a wide variety of experimental processes and ways of working which is continuously expanding and recently has become enveloped by new media processes and their continual advancement.

Through the generous support of both the Arts and Disability Forum and the Arts Council of Northern Ireland I have designed and delivered a wide range of projects, collaborations, exhibitions and studio based learning for over 20 years. My studio practice has grown to include numerous elements which continually informing the other.

I am currently developing a body of work covering several types of media and crossing several disciplines including film, sound and installation. The work under development is based on bubble structures and the observation. Whilst conditions, lighting and structural adjustments have been made through a very hands on experience of learning and recording mean I am more skilled to avail of when opportunities present themselves.

The ongoing observation and filming has had several far reaching unexpected outcomes and seems to be the beginning of the bringing together of long conceived notion of a way of working through digital media, installation and time.