After graduating from the University of Ulster, Belfast (Art College) in 2002 in Textile & Fashion Design, I worked for Fulton’s Fine Furnishings as a Junior Interior Designer, moving onto fashion retail management but I missed hands on creativity to my work. I worked part-time in a local butchers to help pay costs of setting up as a freelance artist facilitator.  I concentrated on my freelance work for Craigavon Borough Council, delivering community art projects and then as Council’s Community Arts Development Officer. I won various tenders, the largest being for Banbridge Council’s public art tenders. My ideas & designs were approved so I project managed & sub-contracted experienced fabricators whilst reporting to Council Committee throughout the process.  These sculptures, owned by the public, are sited in Solitude Park, the largest titled ‘Flax Flowers’, a stainless steel 22’ piece and three bronze figures at Gate Lodge Memorial Park (I was then known  as Ann McCall).  Following an interim position as Director for Belfast Print Workshop, I have been working for the Crescent Arts Centre as their Outreach & Education Officer since 2010. I also continue to work on creative art programmes for Armagh City, Banbridge & Craigavon Borough Council.    


I am inspired by nature and feel closely connected to it. I aim to capture elements and the fleeting moments of nature through strokes and dribbles of light and brushes of colour, adding texture and movement.  I hope to invoke my passion through the interpretation of these concepts whilst striving to convey the sense of place-where I was and had absorbed myself in.   I like it when a place or building has been around long enough that it creates juxtaposition between the way it was originally designed to look and how it resembles now, ever changing through time, by powers of nature.   What do I want to say with my work? Get inspired by nature and celebrate what people have created alongside it. Treasure the local, the small scale, ordinary, eccentric and discover beauty all around.